Azure Tutorial

Clone your Windows server to Windows Azure

This demo will guide you through easy steps to clone your existing server to Windows Azure Cloud.

You'd need to sign up Windows Azure in order to transfer and run your server.


1. Download and install Cloudscraper on your server


2. Run Cloudscraper

Note: .Net 2.0-3.5 is required. It could be installed via "Features" submenu in Windows Management Console.


3. Click "Start New Transfer", select volumes you want to upload

For example, you may upload your system volume only but synchronize your data volumes by other means (e.g DB replication)


4. Choose AWS region you want to transfer your server to

Choose region for your server. Use the nearest location to reach the maximum upload speed.


5. Get your Azure Storage Access Keys

Login into Windows Azure. Get your storage account access credentials: account name and primary key. The storage account should be hosted in the region specified previously.



7. Start the Transfer Process

Enter path to store intermediate images, configuration files, press "Start" in the Transfer Process Window

Wait till image created and data is uploaded.

Note: it takes approx 3 hours to upload 10 Gb system image. So choose what to transfer wisely.


8. Deploy a new Virtual Machine from the newly created drive

Go to Virtual Machine tab of the management console.

You could also deploy the machine automatically via "Advanced" tab of the Cloud Options window. See the product manual for more details.